Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply the tattoos?

The quick answer to this is that it is just like the ones you wore when you were kids - but instead of cartoon characters it is a variety of metallic jewellery designs used with a much higher quality raw materials like the ink and glue. You will see this for yourself. 

Now here is the longer answer:

Please be aware that it is crucial that your skin is completely dry and is free from lotions and sprays.

Step 1

Cut out the tattoos you would like to apply and remove protective film. If its round the wrist for example, be sure to try it round your wrist and cut away the excess (you can keep the rest for rings!!)

Step 2

Place face down onto the skin, making sure its firmly in place and cant move about.

Step 3

Carefully dab a wet cloth onto the paper back of the tattoo and hold in place for 30 seconds

Step 4

Gently remove the wet paper back to reveal your decadent design!

Other important considerations:

  • Be careful at the joins.....keep peeled for our 'how to' videos.

  • Be careful not to OVERSOAK. If water gets under the tattoo it will not transfer well and you could stretch and ruin the design.It is crucial to allow the tattoo to dry completely and set on your skin.

  • Do not touch, twist or stretch the skin for at least 15 mins and be careful with clothing.

  • Once applied properly the tattoo should last up to 7 days, depending on where it is on the body and how well you take care of it.

Do the tattoos come off in water?

No - they do not which makes them an excellent alternative to jewellery as they stay put on your skin - exactly the way you placed them. You can shower, swim and they will stay on. 

Just be wary however that chemicals found in swimming pools, jacuzzis etc. may loosen the glue quicker and shorten the life span of your tattoo. Likewse, oils and gels etc. in the bath and shower could have a similar effect.

Do you tan through them?

Please note that you do not tan well through the tattoos.

Due to there temporary nature we do not find this is a major issue. Just watch your fake tan.

Make sure it is set before applying the tattoo. Now.... the tattoo will protect the tan underneath so what you may find is the when your fake tan comes off the rest of your body, once you take the tattoo off the skin underneath may still be browner!

This fades quickly but if you want to avoid this you could apply the tattoo before the fake tan and they will both fade roughly the same time.

How do I remove them?

Soak the tattoo for around 5 mins in oil as this will loosen the glue then gently rub with a cloth. Alcohol can also be used. The key is to soak them or you could be scrubbing for some time! They can be stubborn!!